Architectural Models

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We believe that architectural models are a very precise art and approach each project individually.
Modelmakers are able to offer our clients a range of options;
from small concept models, to block models, working models, entire site planning models, to highly detailed marketing models.
Our practice with any customer, from a small business owner, to a large developer, is the same.
Firstly to establish what the client would like the model to achieve.
Who they want the model to communicate to?
Finally, what they would like the architectural model to communicate?
This guarantees that we give each client the most effectively designed architectural model for their company's needs.
We are skilled in modern and traditional modelmaking techniques, and use a wide variety of materials and processes to achieve our scale models.
We offer a range of services including laser cutting, integrated lighting, bespoke plinths, display cases and freestanding baseboards incorporating any client's company logos.
As a young company, we are pleased to be growing strongly in this area of modelmaking, we pride ourselves on the quality, service and attention to detail that we can provide at very competitive prices.