Model Making


Model making can be applied within a number of different industries. If you need a giant toothbrush for your marketing display...a prototype of your new product...a new addition to your exhibition ...or a character for your advertising campaign.


Models can also be comissioned to make replicas of objects that need to be duplicated, made to a larger or smaller scale, stay intact under lighting, or give it other properties it doesn't have, such as making a heavy product light enough to transport with ease or a perishable product the chance to last forever.


Our ever growing list of high profile clients and large range of projects undertaken prove what wide ranging and quality services we can provide.

Whatever you need, we can make it and we can make it well!



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We offer model and prop making services for theatre, television, cruise liners, marketing, window dressing and events companies.  


As trained model makers we pride ourselves on being able to produce effective models, to our clients exacting standards, with the correct level of detail and finish for the intended purpose, on budget and on time.


Our range of materials and services include; wooden props, acrylic structures, mould making and casting, soft props, scenic painting and dressing, sculpting, plastizote, polystyrene & hand props.



See our current featured project for Coca Cola Enterprises below.